Target REDcard credit card is a card issued by TD Bank USA, N.A.  The Target REDcard is a true store card which offers the customers 5% “cash back” in the form of an instant discount on every purchase made in person or online in Target stores.

It is a store branded card that does not have an annual fee, or a complicated rewards program, as the reward is given immediately upon purchase. The card is only intended for use in Target stores and the 5% discount only applies to products or items bought from

Whenever the words “credit card”, “Store card”, “retail store branded credit card” (or some variation of the phrase) are uttered, the picture of a small plastic card issued by a bank or some building society comes to our mind, which allows the holder to purchase goods or services on credit. Such store cards are notorious for being “bad” financial products for a variety of reasons.

But there is one store card that might offer a slight exception to the rule that says, ‘avoid store credit cards at all costs’. This is the Target credit card, called a REDcard.

Target REDcard application process:


  • A person must be 18 years old and have a U.S. address to apply for a Target Credit Card online.
  • A Target credit card can be used at Target stores in the United States and at
  • People who are interested in applying for the Target credit card must need to have handy their Social Security Number, driver’s license, state ID or military ID and other personal identifying information.
  • The Application will time out after 15 minutes.
  • By applying for a Target credit card, the person agrees that he is providing contact information from his application to TD Bank USA, N.A, and Target Corporation for their use including marketing.

 Target REDcard Payment Process:

Target REDcard has no annual fee. The penalty fee on late payment is up to $38 and on returned payment is up to $27. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for purchases is 23.15% which will vary with the market based on the prime rate. The grace period is 25 days and the minimum interest charge is $1.00.

 Target REDcard benefits:

Both the Target credit and debit cards carry the same advantages when shopping in store or online.

  • Discount:

Customers receive 5% off their purchases whether online or in the store. If someone is a regular target shopper, this can really add up over time.

  • Free shipping:

REDcard offers free shipping on all online orders.

  • Extra Pharmacy Savings:

When someone fills five prescriptions at Target, they can get additional 5% off for one day of shopping at Target. This stacks on top of the 5% they get with the card.

  • Donations for Education:

This is an amazing feature. Target allows customers to designate a participating school to receive 1% of their purchases as a donation.

  • Customized Offers:

Target keeps a track of the customer’s purchases and customizes offers that match their most common interests. This allows shoppers to get extra coupons and deals.

  • Special Promotions:

Target runs promotions from time to time that are only for REDcard holders.

Target REDcard reviews:

The Target credit card is a store only credit card, which means that it can be used only at Target stores and the holder does not have the capability of gaining rewards at any other retailer. The only advantage to the credit card over the debit card is that it does not withdraw money directly from the checking account. This means that Target has no access to that account.

 Target’s REDcard is a great financial product for people who frequently shop at the store for everyday purchases on necessary items like toiletries, household goods, school supplies and clothing. The card is integrated with various payment methods, ensuring that every customer can easily use it. With big discounts and community donations, the program is enticing to shoppers, creating a win-win for both sides.