Historical Background:

In the early 1900s, George Draper Dayton, the son of an ordinary physician in New York State, bought a Goodfellow Dry Goods store and after a few years of development and struggle, the store ended up giving birth to the Target Corporation.

The Target Corporation (also known simply as Target) is the second largest discount retailer in the United States, behind Wal-Mart, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The first Target store opened in Roseville, Minnesota in 1962, while the parent company was renamed the Dayton Corporation in 1967.

Target established itself as the highest-earning division of the Dayton-Hudson Corporation in the 1970s. In 1980s, it began expanding the store nationwide and new store formats were introduced in the 1990s under the Target brand. The parent Company was renamed the Target Corporation in 2000 and divested itself of its last department store chains in 2004.

From a single store in Roseville, Minnesota, Target grew to over 1763 Target and Super Target stores by 2011. Target was the second largest discount trailer in the US and saw both sales and net earnings grow between 2006 and 2011.

Target Store Products and Services:

Target created to a similar ‘money-saving’ market as Wal-Mart, but offered a very different value proposition. Target focused on different capabilities and a different product portfolio, including:

  • Target’s “way to play” emphasized design-forward apparel and home decor for image-conscious consumers. Store layout and advertising focused on an eye for style.
  • Its capabilities system supported this way to play with image advertising, “mass prestige” sourcing (with the use of private brand and exclusive offerings), pricing, and the management of urban locations.
  • Target satisfied the needs of its younger, image conscious shoppers by stocking more furniture, clothing and exclusive designer merchandise than Wal-Mart.
  • Gregg Steinhafel, Target’s president, boasted to inventors that “heightened focus on items and categories that appeal to specific guest segments such as mom and baby” were responsible for these successes. The segment focus relied heavily upon the ability to determine customer purchasing patterns through prior purchase behaviors and other demographic data.
  • Target was one of the first major retailers to use predictive modeling (sophisticated data mining techniques) to identify customer segments and differential market to those segments.

Target hours:

Target is a discount retailer that many people have chosen as their preferred shopping destination. Their main mission is to provide exceptional guest satisfaction, innovation and outstanding value- constantly fulfilling their “Expect more. Pay less” brand promise.

The company has provided visiting time for the operating locations of the store for the convenience of their customers. The Target hours are from 8:00am- 10:00pm seven days a week.

Target locations:

Target is an international company with more than 340,000 team members around the world, and headquarters in the United States and India.

Target Corporation is a network of about 1,790 stores in 49 different states and consists of 37 distribution centers in 22 different states, while Minneapolis is home to Target’s corporate headquarters. Customers have the convenience to find Target outlets nearest to their home by searching online ‘Target Near Me – Hours and Locations’.

 Target REDcard:

The Target REDcard is a great thing to have for people who are into savings and rewards. The Target REDcard comes in three forms, Debit card, Store card and Visa credit card. Each one offer discounts, savings and great features that can provide financial benefit, which is the reason that so many people want to apply for this particular card.

The difference between these three cards is very minimal. Each card is virtually the same with the exception of how the card is defined. The Target REDcard Debit card is a debit card that is linked to the bank account so that everything that is spending at Target comes directly out of the bank account.

The Target REDcard credit card is a store card that can be used only in Target stores for purchases. The Visa is a credit card as well, but it can be used anywhere that Visa is accepted in the world.

Target Corporation offers high quality goods to their customers from all around the world, including financial profits, benefits and rewards.

Target Corporation is a growth company focused exclusively on general merchandise retailing. Their Principle operating strategy is to provide exceptional value to American consumers through multiple retail formats ranging from upscale discount and moderate-priced to full-service department store.